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Alternative Tourism is a branch of tourism that involves strolling tourists to places that are unusual, uncommon, little known or completely unknown to tourists first come to the place. The work of an alternative tourist guide is to introduce people who are walking with the history, culture, location and site as the main attraction. Lately the world more and more need for developing alternative tourism as a response to tourism in full, open new opportunities for learning about the historical places, less visited villages and places that are very natural and not adjusted for centuries. Alternative tourism has always been as unpopular as long as people do not know about where you want to go. But after the tourists will get more information and read something on our blog and see some pictures, always get a desire to visit unusual place I have no connection that exists on our planet. best attraction Sentosa singapore 

Traveling to different and undiscovered worldwide destinations for people always arouses a sense of satisfaction. As a tour guide every time I organized a group for visiting places that I’ve already visited or plan to visit. Here you can find information about alternative tourism and various articles for many small and large towns and villages in the world. Maybe you dream to visit some of those places, and do not have enough information or do not know what the best interesting place to see; maybe my long year experience will help you. Leading the tourists more than ever starting to work. I was always get a challenge because traveling can’t be replaced with any pleasure in the world. I’ll try to describe about the places where I was very surprised, with not much exaggeration of information as they do in travel agencies. Thank you for visiting my blog, attend more and I believe you will find many interesting information about alternative tourism and tourism generally.

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